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Vinyl Placemats

Woven vinyl placemats with color bright and non-fading, can bear the aging, good wearability, anti-corrosive, easy to wash and stand wear and tear.


For the vinyl placemat, made of vinyl(What is Vinyl) contents pvc and polyester. Woven by machine which is made of Germany. It can washable with water and soap. Vinyl placemats is much better than other material placemat, More fashion, more designs for different use, for party, for home use, for outdoor and etc. Below is a picture for your reference.


When we go to the restaurant, apart from the food, we also notice the environment even though they are only placemats. Most people's first thoughts are that a placemat is used to protect the table against dirt, dust, water, grease stains and other small things. In the beginning the placemat is always neglected.  But as people's homelife improves, and there is more attention on the beauty of living standards and growing sense of aesthetics, this little placemat is gradually being recognised in its dual role as an ornament. Now people not only use it to protect the dining table, but also to decorate the dining table, so that you do not need to spend a lot of effort to decorate your table, you only need a small place mat.


A careful person will find that the place mat has the ability to create atmosphere. High quality design and colored place mats can make the entire restaurant more luxurious, and make the table look neat.  When people eat ordinary food seems to be become nice and taste good. That's another function of placemats. There is a strong European tradition for this item.  Aesthetics tell us that effective place mats would be composed of different materials, colours, designs and sizes because good place mats can create a fine dining atmosphere.  As a decoration. the placemat can be changed to be compatible with the season, climate, environmental changes and the type of customer.  For example, many are designed specially for children with toy figures on them as well as letters for children to read.


A placemat can have different colors, different thickness, different sizes and material combinations.  A lot of home kitchenware manufacturers have begun to contact restaurants, hotels, etc. to provide professional placemats.  For hotel and restaurant owners, the placemat has become a part of their customer service Yes, put the placemat on the dinner table and it will become completely different. Since the restaurant is the place for the whole family to enjoy happiness, why not let your dinner be more enjoyable and special?   It may be an unexpected effect, but it is not impossible.  Use your aesthetic sense to choose a placemat for your home and enjoy the luxurious life - is not far away.


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Vinyl placemat
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