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PVC Woven mats

A PVC Woven mats is a generic term for a piece of fabric or flat material, generally placed on a floor or other flat surface, and serving a range of purposes including:


1, providing a regular or flat surface, such as a mousepad.

2, protecting that which is beneath the mat, such as a place mat or the matting used in archival framing and preservation of documents and paintings.

3, protecting that which is above the mat, such as a wrestling or gymnastics mat, or an anti-vibration mat.

4, changing the state of that which passes above it, such as a doormat attracting dirt from shoes.


A PVC Woven mat is a flat, usually rectangular object placed immediately outside or inside the entrance to a house or other building, to allow people to easily scrub or wipe the soles of their shoes before entering. PVC Woven mat  are usually made from tough, long-lasting material such as coir, palmyra (palm tree) fibres and stalks, nylon, rubber, cloth, or aluminium and other metals. PVC Woven mats  may also be known as welcome mats, as their location at an entrance constitutes a "welcome" to visitors, and may therefore also bear some word, message or sign of greeting. This in turn has given rise to a subculture of cartoons featuring characters returning home to find (to the reader) a humorous message on the doormat. The lowly purpose for which doormats exist has also led to informal use of the term as a reference to people who behave timidly or passively when exploited by others.


PVC Woven mats  is a device used on the floor of a bathroom to provide a warm non-slip surface, and to absorb small amounts of water, much like a towel.


PVC Woven mats or serving mats are flat piece of fabric or other material used on a table at the points at which dishes and plates will be located during a meal. One common purpose of such mats is to provide a thermal and physical barrier between that which is placed on the table, and the table itself—for instance, to stop hot objects from marring the table's finish.


PVC Woven mat are designed to help provide protection for your vehicle. They are ultimately there to keep your car looking clean. Some require fixation points to ensure your mats remain fixed in position. Carpet mats and rubber mats differ in a number of ways. Carpet mats are generally tufted and have a rubberised anti slip backing. On the other hand, rubber car mats are heavy duty and higher durability. While some car mats are the plain colour of rubber, many contain branded company logos or sometimes advertisements. Some are in textile form of carpet material. They can also come in a range of anthracite and black colours. They are designed to keep your car clean.

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