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Woven Vinyl Placemats, PVC coated PET Woven Table Mats

These fashionable placemats are a perfect complement from pvc and pet, we called vinyl. adding interest and style to your table. They are pet woven and pvc covered design with good faction and fashion style. The rectangular style meets the standard placemat size request. We can also cut by square(35cm*35cm, 40x40cm) or round(36cm, 38cm)and has a spill-proof finish for easy clean up. 70% pvc and 30% polyester.  Wipe clean with a damp cloth. For this vinyl placemat our mainly market is Europe and USA.


Care and Maintenance:


Placemat should be stored flat to prevent permanent creasing

Clean using soap and water with a damp cloth

Should a stubborn stain occur, woven vinyl is very durable and can withstand aggressive scrubbing with a bleach based cleanser. This will remove the stain without altering the fabric

Do not iron. This is a vinyl product


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